Project Description

In December of 2017, Lightbox Productions launched itself with it’s premiere performance.
Performances from wonderfully talented performers set the scene for the announcement of “Be More Chill”, the victorian premiere of the new hit musical.

The night was hosted by our wonderful committee members: Jared Smith, Darcy Myring, and Peter Verhagen.

A special thanks to the Lightbox Band:
Peter Verhagen (Keys 1/Music Director)
Darcy Myring (Keys 3/Music Director)
Luke Drohan (Keys 2)
Matt Di Nardo (Drums)
Arthur Xafis (Guitar)

An additional thank-you to all of our performers:
Alana Dare, Arthur Xafis, Cameron Carnes, Darcy Myring, Emily Keagan, Georgia Mcaleer, Grace Phillips, Hayley Crymble, Joe Fisher, Jon Carter, Krystal Meyer, Melanie Verhagen, Michaela Janssen, Paul Molluso, Peter Verhagen, Phoebe Myring, Rachel Van Der Linden, Susan Rash

Show Date: 16th December

Venue: EV’s Youth Centre


Keys 1/Music Director: Peter Verhagen
Keys 3/Music Director: Darcy Myring
Keys 2: Luke Drohan
Drums: Matt Di Nardo
Guitar: Arthur Xafis


Alana Dare
Arthur Xafis
Cameron Carnes
Darcy Myring
Emily Keagan
Georgia Mcaleer
Grace Phillips
Hayley Crymble
Joe Fisher
Jon Carter
Krystal Meyer
Melanie Verhagen
Michaela Janssen
Paul Molluso
Peter Verhagen
Phoebe Myring
Rachel Van Der Linden
Susan Rash