Project Description

Lightbox Productions Inc. presents “Bar One”.  For one night only, Lightbox is shining a light under the stage to showcase some of the fantastic band members through a variety of band-tastic numbers!  Creative Director Peter Verhagen leads a band of 9 sensational players through some of musical theatres best arrangements, with the support of a talented group of vocalists directed by Kristyn Adamopoulos.

Show Date: 5th October

Venue: Knox Community Arts Centre


Keyboard 1: Jayla McLennan
Keyboard 2: Peter Verhagen
Additional Keys: Kristyn Adamopoulos & Darcy Myring
Drums: Matt Di Nardo
Guitar: Cody Leggett
Bass: Dane Sorensen
Trumpet: Liam Shorter
Trombone: Lachlan Smith
Reeds 1: Mia Henry
Reeds 2: Alyce Yeoman


Andrew Vassett
Antoinette Davis
Beth Hanlon
Darcy Myring
Eleni Tsombanopoulos
Emily Keagan
Felicity Shaw
Jessica Mathewes
Justin Dohrman
Kristyn Adamopoulos
Lachie Trappett
Laura Harris-Rilen
Lauren Blair
Lokie Yeung
Luke Martin
Luke Peverelle
Melanie Verhagen
Milla Pearl
Natalie Carden
Ruby Gleeson
Sophia Blackburn
Toby Thornton


Creative/Music Director: Peter Verhagen
Associate Music Director: Kristyn Adamopoulos
Production Manager: Caitlin Stewart
Stage Manager: Emily Hill