Places: A Dream Role Cabaret

Places: A Dream Role Cabaret presented by Lightbox Productions is a two act production of your favourite musicals greatest hits.

Places: A Dream Role Cabaret is, first and foremost, a cabaret, not a concert. In a collaboration between the Creative Team and Cast, the Writer and Director/Choreographer duo, Rebekah and Madeline, have pulled from cast members’ dream roles to create a cohesive story.

Depicting the trials and tribulations of lovers, dreamers and the human experience, they have intertwined each performer’s dream role song together, allowing the audience to enjoy each character’s journey as they are guided by The Three Fates to dodge Death’s final judgment.

Places: A Dream Role Cabaret promises an evening of sophistication, joy, and a
preview of the theatrical wonders awaiting us.


Show dates: February 24th & 25th, 2024, Knox Community Arts Centre

Production Manager: Chloe Connolly (She/Her)
Director/Choreographers: Rebekah Abblitt (She/Her) & Madeline Connolly (She/They)
Music Director: Isaac Stott (He/Him)
Technical Director: Michael Honey (He/Him)
Stage Manager: Erin Casey (She/Her)